White-eye Species Endemic to Solomon Islands

Other Birds found on Solomon Islands

Species of White-eyes occurring naturally on Solomon Islands

Bare-eyed White-eye (Woodfordia superciliosa) – Endemic to Rennell Island in the Solomon Islands

Belted White-eyes or Banded White-eyes (Zosterops vellalavella) – Endemic forest birds

Hermit White-eye or Kulambangra White-eye (Zosterops murphyi) – Endemic

Malaita White-eyes (Zosterops stresemanni)

New Georgia White-eye or Solomon Islands White-eye (Zosterops kulambangrae)

Ranongga White-eyes (Zosterops splendidus) – Endemic – inhabit subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests

Rennell Island White-eyes or Rennell White-eyes (Zosterops rennellianus) – Endemic to Rennell Island in the Solomon Islands

Sanford’s White-eyes (Woodfordia lacertosa) – Endemic

Santa Cruz White-eyes (Zosterops sanctaecrucis) – Endemic forest birds

Vanikoro White-eye (Zosterops gibbsi) – Endemic to Vanikoro in the Santa Cruz Islands of Temotu Province in the south-east of the Solomon Islands chain

Yellow-billed White-eye aka Splendid White-eye or Ghizo White-eye (Zosterops luteirostris) – Endemic

Yellow-throated White-eye (Zosterops metcalfii)

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