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The Facts About Gordon’s Entomological Home Page

(Kept in the 2000’s style)

Gordon’s Entomological Home Page started life in February 1995, it was originally called Gordon’s Mini Beastiary, an indicator of its intended scope. It has grown considerably since then and has developed its own form, as a result of changes in the available technology and of feedback from you the readers. I particularly want to thank the many thousands of you who have visited these pages, it has been your positive encouragement that has kept me working at it

I would also like to thank all the staff at I.T.Services here at the University of Exeter, particularly Brad Bagihole, for their continual good mannered, and excellent help and support while I was learning the basics of html, and throughout the subsequent development of GEHP. I would also like to point out that I am not an expert in anything and that the knowledge displayed here is the result of the efforts of numerous entomologist/biologists down the ages from Wooton to Darwin, and on through the likes of Fabre, Huxely, Lubbock, Burr, Oldroyd and Imms to Chinery, Linsley, Falk and Stubbs to mention but a few whose writings have inspired and informed me over the last few years. I sincerely hope anybody who has found some love or interest in insects from these pages will follow up this love and allow it grow by watering it with some of the huge amount of information to be found in books. Either by going to your local library and getting some some of these classic Entomological books. to read. Or else perhaps by buying for yourself some of these reviewed books Book Review Page

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Well here is the truth about why I keep working on these pages, you seem to like them.

This site currently is made up of over 200 text files and 30 megabytes of imagery (August 2000)

I would also like to thank IBM Internet Connection for featuring these pages as the top of the list on their ‘Incredible Insect Sites’ review on the 27 July 1996.

And the kind people at Yahoo Internet Life for granting my site a ‘Yahooie’ on the basis of the Cockroach pages, I should point out that their reviewer was rather negatively biased in his opinions of Cockroaches.


On Paper

Gordon’s Entomological Home Page has also featured in :-

‘Internet’ issue 13 December 1995, as part of ‘The Best Site Guide Ever’.

In ‘Netuser’ issue 6 December 1995

Some of the Cockroach pages were reviewed in ‘The Web Magazine’ Premier Issue October/November 1996.

GEHP has also been mentioned in D.G.Gordon’s book ‘The Compleat Cockroach’ again in reference to one of the Cockroach pages.

And thanks to ‘Wolf Spider’ of the BBC Wildlife Magazine for describing GEHP as “ of the most comprehensive sets of entomological pages on the web.” in the January 1997 issue of the magazine.

Thanks also to Lynne Bundesen, Kristin Marks and Hannah Hoel for listing the Front Page of my site, and the page on the introduction to Cockroaches and Praying Mantids in their fun book “CLICK 101 Computer activities and Art Projects for Kids and Grown Ups” published by Simon and Schuster 1997 ISBN= 0 684 83215 1

Further thanks to Jane Ponting and Jill Kendall for including my site in their book “Passport to the INTERNET in the Australian Classroom” published in July 1997 by Hodder Headline Australia ISBN = 0 7336 0648 9

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