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Did you know earthlife.net is one of the oldest sites on the Internet?


Earth Life was started way back in 1995 by Gordon Ramel, a professional ecologist. And since that time we’ve helped over 20 million visitors learn more about ecology, zoology, and life on this planet that we share… Earth.

Today we employ a diverse team of biologists, ecologists, zoologists & environmental scientists from around the world – united in our mission to present detailed taxonomic and zoological information in an entertaining and accessible way.

Earth Life has an extensive bibliography; all our articles are thoroughly researched and supported by references & studies. Our writers include ecologists, biologists & environmental scientists, all with extensive experience in their field (& all with a deep passion for the living world!). You can meet some of our team below!

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If you have any comments or suggestions for future articles please contact us – we would love to hear from you.

Email us at contact [at] earthlife [dot] net and we’ll respond as soon as we can!

The email looks funny to take care of the bots that scour the World Wide Web for email addresses. We are sure you know what to do to get the real email address and mail us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Meet the Team!

Here’s an overview of the team. Make sure to check back regularly as we are growing quickly! 


gordon ramel photo


Gordon Ramel

Gordon Ramel is an Ecologist with a Master’s Degree in soil ecology from the University of Exeter (UK) who has worked as an ornithologist, an entomologist, and a biodiversity officer. He’s also a scientist, teacher, and poet and currently lives in Cambodia. He moved on from the site in 2009, and then returned in July 2020; you can find out more about him and get in touch at his author profile.


Site Manager


Every website needs a person behind the scenes who makes sure things keep running. Gaurav is the man for the job. He lives in beautiful Ontario with his wife, two sons, and a yellow labrador and loves playing cricket on the weekends.


Contributing Authors

Sophie Jeffares Author

Sophie HerlihyView Articles | Linkedin Profile

Sophie Herlihy has worked with animals her whole life. While studying Environmental Studies and Biology, she worked part-time in cattery care and veterinary assistance. She then landed a dream role as a conservation educator at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Upon returning to her home, New Zealand, she launched into Zookeeping roles working with exotic and native species, eventually finding her niche with native species of birds, reptiles, and invertebrates.

Author Mattea Pauc

Mattea PaucView Articles | Linkedin Profile

Mattea Pauc is a writer, environmentalist, MSc graduate in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics, and Law, and environmental educator & author at Re-educating Earthlings


Katarina Samurovic author

Katarina Samurovic – View Articles | Linkedin Profile

Katarina Samurovic is an environmental analyst by education and a freelance scientific writer by choice and passion. She has a special interest in conservation biology, biodiversity, insect ecology, and trees.

jack emery writer

Jack Emery – View Articles | Linkedin Profile

Jack Graduated in 2018 with a BSc in Zoology and is currently living in Costa Rica where he works as a manager of an animal rescue center.

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