Checklist of Whales and Dolphins Of The World

A Checklist Of Whales And Dolphins Of The World Including Scientific Names.

Around 90 species of cetaceans, including whales, porpoises and dolphins, are known as cetaceans collectively. Our guide contains information about a wide range of animals, from the blue whale and vaquita.


Whale and dolphin species

Baleen whales, and toothed Whales are the two main categories of whales. Toothed whales are the sperm, beaked, and dolphin whales. They also include porpoises, beluga, and narwhal.

How many whales remain in the world today? 

The blue whale and the humpback are among the most common whales.

Over the centuries, an abandoned whale has provided coastal residents with a wealth of resources. The baleen, the blubber and bone, as well as the oil, meat and spermaceti were harvested. Candles and lanterns were lit with oil and spermaceti. Whale meat was consumed. They repurposed the bone and baleen plate (a plate on the upper jaw) for corsets and collars.

Around 1710 people began to demand a constant supply of products derived from whales. In response to this growing demand, the commercial whaling business developed. For the next two hundred years, whaling ships hunted blue, sperm and right whales.

When whaling was prohibited internationally in 1986, several species were on the verge of extinction. Scientists are currently working to determine the number of whales left and whether conservation efforts are effective.

Scientists cannot give a precise number of whales left in the wild. Organisations such as the International Whaling Commission provide a estimate along with a range of confidence. Many of these estimates are outdated and haven’t changed in decades.

One of the challenges is the fact that many whale counts are based on visual sightings at the surface, using drones, infrared camera or surveys. These techniques do not always match whale behavior. Whales are constantly moving, and spend most of their time under water, often at great depths.

Whales of the same kind often inhabit different waters around the world. In some places, the population may be stable. In some areas, the population may be stable.

Local governments and research groups are better able to determine how many whales remain in an area, as well as whether or not they are in danger.

Common NameScientific NameFamily
Indus SusuPlatanista minorPlatanistidae
Ganges SusuPlatanista gangeticaPlatanistidae
FranciscanaPontoporia blainvilleiPontoporidae
BoutuInia geoffrensisIniidae
BaijiLipotes vexilliferLipotidae
Irrawaddy DolphinOrcaella brevirostrisMonodontidae
BelugaDelphinapterus leucasMonodontidae
NarwhalMonodon monocerusMonodontidae
Spectacled PorpoiseAustralophocoena dioptricaPhocoenidae
Dall’s PorpoisePhocoenoides dalliPhocoenidae
Harbour PorpoisePhocoena phocoenaPhocoenidae
CochitoPhocoena sinusPhocoenidae
Burmeister’s PorpoisePhocoena spinipinnisPhocoenidae
Finless PorpoiseNeophocaena phocaenoidesPhocoenidae
Rough-toothed DolphinSteno bredanensisDelphinidae
TucuxiSotalia fluviatilisDelphinidae
Indo-Pacific Humpback DolphinSousa chinensisDelphinidae
Atlantic Humpback DolphinSousa teusziiDelphinidae
White-beaked DolphinLagenorhynchus albirostrisDelphinidae
Atlantic White-sided DolphinLagenorhynchus acutusDelphinidae
Dusky DolphinLagenorhynchus obscurusDelphinidae
Pacific White-sided DolphinLagenorhynchus obliquidensDelphinidae
Hourglass DolphinLagenorhynchus crucigerDelphinidae
Peale’s DolphinLagenorhynchus australisDelphinidae
Fraser’s DolphinLagenodelphis hoseiDelphinidae
Common DolphinDelphinus delphisDelphinidae
Bottlenose DolphinTursiops truncatusDelphinidae
Spotted DolphinStenella attenuataDelphinidae
Spotted DolphinStenella plagiodonDelphinidae
Spotted DolphinStenella frontalisDelphinidae
Spotted DolphinStenella dubiaDelphinidae
Striped DolphinStenella coeruleoalbaDelphinidae
Long-snouted Spinner DolphinStenella longirostrisDelphinidae
Short-snouted Spinner DolphinStenella clymeneDelphinidae
Southern Right Whale DolphinLissodelphis peroniiDelphinidae
Northern Right Whale DolphinLissodelphis borealisDelphinidae
Heaviside’s DolphinCephalorhynchus heavisidiiDelphinidae
Hector’s DolphinCephalorhynchus hectoriDelphinidae
Black DolphinCephalorhynchus eutropiaDelphinidae
Commerson’s DolphinCephalorhynchus commersoniiDelphinidae
Electra DolphinPeponocephala electraDelphinidae
Pigmy Killer WhaleFeresa attenuataDelphinidae
False Killer WhalePseudorca crassidensDelphinidae
Killer WhaleOrcinus orcaDelphinidae
Risso’s DolphinGrampus griseusDelphinidae
Long-finned Pilot WhaleGlobicephala melaenaDelphinidae
Short-finned Pilot WhaleGlobicephala macrorhynchusDelphinidae
Baird’s Beaked WhaleBerardius bairdiiZiphiidae
Arnoux’s Beaked WhaleBerardius arnuxiiZiphiidae
Northern Bottlenose WhaleHyperoodon ampullatusZiphiidae
Southern Bottlenose WhaleHyperoodon planifronsZiphiidae
Cuvier’s Beaked WhaleZiphius cavirostrisZiphiidae
Tasman Beaked WhaleTasmacetus sheperdiZiphiidae
Blainville’s Beaked WhaleMesoplodon densirostrisZiphiidae
Sowerby’s Beaked WhaleMesoplodon bidensZiphiidae
Gervais’ Beaked WhaleMesoplodon europaeusZiphiidae
True’s Beaked WhaleMesoplodon mirusZiphiidae
Strap-toothed WhaleMesoplodon layardiiZiphiidae
Gray’s Beaked WhaleMesoplodon grayiZiphiidae
Andrew’s Beaked WhaleMesoplodon bowdoiniZiphiidae
Hector’s Beaked WhaleMesoplodon pacificusZiphiidae
Gingko-toothed Beaked WhaleMesoplodon ginkodensZiphiidae
Stejneger’s Beaked WhaleMesoplodon stejnegeriZiphiidae
Hubb’s Beaked WhaleMesoplodon carlhubsiZiphiidae
Pygmy Sperm WhaleKogia brevicepsKogiidae
Dwarf Sperm WhaleKogia simusKogiidae
Sperm WhalePhyseter catadonPhyseteridae
Greenland Right WhaleBalaena mysticetusBalaenidae
Black Right WhaleBalaena glacialisBalaenidae
Pigmy Right WhaleCaperea marginataNeobalaenidae
Grey WhaleEschrictus robustusEschrictiidae
Humpback WhaleMegaptera novaeangliaeBalaenopteridae
Blue WhaleBalaenoptera musculusBalaenopteridae
Fin WhaleBalaenoptera physalusBalaenopteridae
Sei WhaleBalaenoptera borealisBalaenopteridae
Bryde’s WhaleBalaenoptera edeniBalaenopteridae
Minke WhaleBalaenoptera acutorostrataBalaenopteridae
Checklist of Whales and Dolphins Of The World

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