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Starling Species (Listing)

Common Hill Mynah

Oriental-Australasian clade

  • Genus RhabdornisPhilippine creepers (three species; placement here requires confirmation)
  • Genus Aplonis—Pacific starlings (c.20 living species, 4–5 recently extinct)
  • Genus Mino
    • Yellow-faced Myna, Mino dumontii
    • Golden Myna, Mino anais
    • Long-tailed Myna, Mino kreffti
  • Genus Basilornis
    • Sulawesi Myna, Basilornis celebensis
    • Helmeted Myna, Basilornis galeatus: Endemic to Indonesia
    • Long-crested Myna, Basilornis corythaix
    • Apo Myna, Basilornis mirandus
  • Genus Sarcops—Coleto (Sarcops calvus) is endemic to the Philippines
  • Genus Streptocitta
    • White-necked Myna, Streptocitta albicollis
    • Bare-eyed Myna, Streptocitta albertinae
  • Genus EnodesFiery-browed Myna
  • Genus ScissirostrumFinch-billed Myna
  • Genus AmpelicepsGolden-crested Myna
  • Genus GraculaHill Mynas (five species)

Afrotropical-Palearctic clade

Vinous-breasted Starling (Sturnus burmannicus)

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