Iris Glossy-starling or Emerald Starling

The Iris Glossy-starling, Coccycolius iris, is also known as the Emerald Starling. Its placement in a monotypic genus Coccycolius is disputed; some combine it with many other glossy-starlings in Lamprotornis.


The Iris Glossy-starling is distributed in West Africa, where it can be found in the lowland areas and savanna of Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea and Sierra Leone.


One of the smallest species among starlings, with a metallic green crown, upper body, wings and tail. The ear-coverts (feathers covering the ears) and underparts are metallic purple. Both sexes look alike.

Diet / Feeding

They feeds on figs, Haronga berries and other fruit, seeds, and small insects such as ants.


The cup-shaped nest is built in a tree cavity.

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