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Sightings of Albino Hummingbird or Leucistic Hummingbirds in Alabama

Sightings of Albino Hummingbird

Albino Hummingbird (White) Hummingbirds Information

White Hummingbirds Reported in Other States / Locations

Albino Hummingbird sightings in Alabama recorded in reverse chronological order:

Alabama, Shelby County, Vincent, Alabama – Summer 2021: Sherri Tyus reported a partial white (leucistic) hummingbird providing photos that were taken by her uncle Johnny Myers. Please refer to below:

Alabama, Hoover:  White Hummingbird – photo taken with an iPhone by Michael R. Korpiel taken on Tuesday August 16, 2016 at approximately 7:15 PM.     

Guntersville, Al 35976.  Photos of a leucistic hummingbird were submitted by Greg Claborn.  Photos were taken on 21 Aug 2015.

Jasper – Marianne Key photographed a white hummingbird photographed on September 28th 2014.

Pelham – Ballantrae Golf Course – white hummingbird reported by Sandra Kelley on September 6, 2014.

Alabama (central) – Tonya and Warren Martin [mailto:[email protected]] photographed a leucistic hummingbird on 9/22/2013.

Ohatchee – Leucistic Hummingbird reported by Shannon Reynolds [mailto:[email protected]] on 9/4/2012

Eclectic – Leucistic Hummingbird (10/2010 and 12/2010)

Chatom – Leucistic Hummingbird (9/2008)

Montgomery – Female Albino Ruby-throated Hummingbird (9/2007)

Did you see one of these rare hummingbirds? If so, please e-mail relevant information (such as date, location, etc.) and photos – if available (including the photographer’s name. THANK YOU!)


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