Madagascar Starling (Saroglossa aurata)

The Madagascar or Madagascan Starlings (Saroglossa aurata) are endemic to Madagascar – an island located in the Indian Ocean off the southeastern coast of Africa. They inhabit subtropical or tropical lowland forests, and dry shrubland.

Alternate (Global) Names

Chinese: ???? … Czech: Špacek mramorovaný … Danish: Madagaskarstær … Dutch: Madagaskarspreeuw, Madagaskar-spreeuw … Finnish: Madagaskarinkottarainen … French: Étourneau de Madagascar, Étourneau malgache … German: Madagaskar Star, Madagaskarstar … Italian: Storno del Madagascar … Japanese: Madagasukaruakaharamukudori … Malagasy: Poretika, Vorontainaomby … Norwegian: Madagaskarstær … Polish: Szpaczek madagaskarski … Russian: ?????????????? ????????????? ??????? … Slovak: Liskavec madagaskarský … Spanish: Estornino Malgache … Swedish: Madagaskarstare

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