White-rumped Cuckooshrikes

The White-rumped Cuckooshrikes (Coracina leucopygia) – also known as Muna Cuckooshrikes or Sulawesi Cuckooshrikes – are endemic to Indonesia, where they inhabit the lowlands of Sulawesi and adjacent islands.    

They are generally seen in open wooded areas, mangroves and swamp forests. 


These chunky birds measure about 11.4 inches or 29 cm in length – including the tail.  They plumage is mostly grey, except for a dark face and tail, as well as the whitish abdomen and rump (hence its common name).  The bill is thick.

Juveniles are paler with barring below.

Similar Birds:    Pied Cuckooshrike occupy more open habitats.  Females have pale eyes.

Calls / Vocalizations:

Their vocalizations are described as as a “zrrrirup,” that rapidly ascends and then descends; as well as making various chattering and rasping notes.

Global Names:

  • Catalan: eruguera de carpó blanc
  • Chinese: 白腰鹃鵙 
  • Czech: housenčík bělokostřecový
  • Danish: Hvidgumpet Gråfugl
  • Dutch: Witstuitrupsvogel
  • German: Weißbürzel-Raupenfänger
  • Finnish: valkoperäkäpinkäinen
  • French: Échenilleur à croupion blanc
  • Croatian: sulaveški skovranj
  • Italian: Averla cuculo groppabianca
  • Japanese: koshijirooosanshoukui / コシジロオオサンショウクイ
  • Lithuanian: Baltasturplis medšarkinis vikšralesys
  • Norwegian: Kvitgumplarveetar  / Hvitgumplarveeter
  • Polish: kruczyna białorzytna
  • Portuguese: lagarteiro-de-rabadilha-branca
  • Russian: Белопоясничный воронец
  • Slovak: húseničiarka hájová
  • Serbian: Kukavičji svračak sa belim nadrepkom
  • Spanish: Oruguero Culiblanco
  • Swedish: vitgumpad gråfågel
  • Ukrainian: Шикачик білогузий

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