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Apo Myna (Basilornis mirandus)

The Apo Myna (Basilornis mirandus) – also known as Mount Apo King Starlings or Mount Apo Mynas – occur naturally in the Philippines, where they are classified as Near Threatened due to their highly restricted and fragmented range.

Distribution / Range

These starlings are found in the mountains of north-central and southern Mindanao, which is the second largest and easternmost island in the Philippines. They are most common in the province of Daggayan, as well as on Mounts Kitanglad and Apo (hence this species’ common name).

Their numbers are declining, and they are becoming rare mostly due to the destruction of their montane forest habitats.

Alternate (Global) Names

Chinese: ????? … Czech: Špacek ozdobný, špa?ek ozdobný … Danish: Mindanaokongestær … Dutch: Mindanaokoningsspreeuw, Mindanao-koningsspreeuw … German: Prachtatzel … Finnish: Apovuorenkottarainen … French: Basilorne de Mindanao, Mainate magnifique … Italian: Maina dell’Apo, Storno reale di monte Apo … Japanese: apooosamamukudori … Norwegian: Brudestær … Polish: perukarz bialorzytny, perukarz bia?orzytny … Russian: ?????? ??????? ??????? … Slovak: majna páperová … Spanish: Estornino Real del Volcán Apo, Miná de Mindanao … Swedish: Mindanaostare

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