White-eye Species in Taxonomic Order


  • Genus Lophozosterops
  • Genus Oculocincta
  • Genus Heleia
  • Genus Chlorocharis
  • Genus Woodfordia
  • Genus Megazosterops – sometimes placed in Rukia
    • Giant White-eye, Megazosterops palauensis
  • Genus Hypocryptadius
    • Cinnamon Ibon or Cinnamon White-eye, Hypocryptadius cinnamomeus
  • Genus ApalopteronBonin White-eye (formerly “Bonin Honeyeater”)
    • Mukojima White-eye (Apalopteron familiare familiare) – Formerly “Mukojima Honeyeater” – Extinct

Whiskered Yuhina (Yuhina flavicollis)

If the white-eyes are maintained as a separate family or subfamily, this yuhinas would have to be included there, too.

  • Genus Yuhina – yuhinas (found to be polyphyletic and now split into five genera)
  • Genus Staphida
  • Genus Dasycrotapha – formerly in Stachyris
  • Genus Sterrhoptilus – formerly in Stachyris; tentatively placed here
  • Genus Zosterornis – formerly in Stachyris; tentatively placed here

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