Images of White-eye (Bird) Species

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White-eyes by region:

Africa and Surrounding Islands (below) … Pacific IslandsAsiaAustralia

Africa and Surrounding Islands

Cape White-eye, Zosterops pallidus
Montane White-eye (Zosterops poliogaster), also known as the Broad-ringed White-eye
Réunion Olive White-eye (Zosterops olivaceus)
Malagasy White-eye (Zosterops maderaspatanus)
African Yellow White-eye (Zosterops senegalensis)
São Tomé White-eye (Zosterops ficedulinus)
Black-capped Speirop (Speirops lugubris)
Mascarene White-eye (Zosterops borbonicus), also known as Grey White-eye


Chestnut-faced Babbler (Zosterornis whiteheadi)
Taiwan Yuhina (Yuhina brunneiceps)
Lemon-bellied White-eyes or Yellow-bellied White-eyes (Zosterops chloris)
Lowland Whiteeye
Yellowish White-eye or Golden-yellow White-eye (Zosterops nigrorum)
Black-crowned White-eye (Zosterops atrifrons)
Mountain White-eye (Zosterops montanus)
Whiskered Yuhina (Yuhina flavicollis)
Stripe-throated Yuhina, Yuhina gularis
Mountain Blackeye
Japanese Whiteeye
Striated Yuhina (Staphida castaniceps)
Black-chinned Yuhina (Yuhina nigrimenta)
White-naped Yuhina (Yuhina bakeri)
White-collared Yuhina (Yuhina diademata)
Chestnut-collared Yuhina or Grey-headed Staphida (Staphida torqueola)
Grey-hooded Whiteeye
Everett’s White-eye (Zosterops everetti)
Sri Lanka White-eye (Zosterops ceylonensis) - previously referred to as Ceylon White-eye
Oriental White-eye, Zosterops palpebrosus
Black-capped White-eye - Nominate race, Zosterops atricapilla atricapilla
Javan Grey-throated White-eye Lophozosterops javanicus
Togian White-eye (Zosterops somadikartai)
Louisiade White-eye (Zosterops griseotinctus)
Sangihe White-eye (Zosterops nehrkorni)
Chestnut-flanked White-eye (Zosterops erythropleurus)

Pacific Islands

Golden White-eye (Cleptornis marchei)
Bridled Whiteeye
Vanuatu Whiteeye
Slender-billed White-eye (Zosterops tenuirostris)
Green-backed White-eye (Zosterops xanthochroa)
Fiji White-eye or Layard’s White-eye (Zosterops explorator)
White-chested White-eyes (Zosterops albogularis) also known as White-breasted White-eyes or Norfolk White-eyes
Robust White-eye (Zosterops strenuus), also known as the Lord Howe White-eye or Robust Silvereye, and locally as the


Canary White-eyes aka Yellow White-eyes or Australian Yellow White-eyes (Zosterops luteus)

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