Bird genus Tigrisoma or Tiger Herons

The bird genus Tigrisoma – more commonly referred to as “Tiger Herons” contains the following species:

  • Bare-throated Tiger Heron, Tigrisoma mexicanum – Range: Mexico south to northwestern Colombia
  • Fasciated Tiger Heron, Tigrisoma fasciatum
    • Tigrisoma fasciatum fasciatum – Range: Southeastern Brazil to northeastern Argentina
    • Tigrisoma fasciatum pallescens – Range: Northwestern Argentina
    • Tigrisoma fasciatum salmoni – Range: Costa Rica to Venezuela and northern Bolivia
  • Rufescent Tiger Heron, Tigrisoma lineatumis
    • Tigrisoma lineatum lineatum – Range: Southeastern Mexico south to Amazonian Brazil and northern Argentina
    • Tigrisoma lineatum marmoratum – Range: Central Bolivia to eastern Brazil and northeastern Argentina
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Bare-throated Tiger Heron
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