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Squacco Heron, Ardeola ralloides, Jao Camp, Botswana, Africa

Striated Herons


Subfamily Tigrisomatinae

Subfamily Botaurinae

  • Genus Zebrilus
    • Zigzag Heron, Zebrilus undulatus
  • Genus Ixobrychus
  • Genus Botaurus : Botaurus has a single representative species in each of North America, Central and South America, Eurasia and Australasia. The two northern species are partially migratory, with many birds moving south to warmer areas in winter. The four Botaurus bitterns are all large chunky, heavily streaked brown birds which breed in large reedbeds. They are secretive and well-camouflaged, and despite their size they can be difficult to observe except for occasional flight views. Like other bitterns, they eat fish, frogs, and similar aquatic life.

Subfamily Ardeinae

Heron (Striated?)

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