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Australian Hobbies or Little Falcons

The Australian Hobbies (Falco longipennis) are falcons that are mostly native to Australia, but they may migrate to Indonesia and New Guinea for the winter.

They inhabit open woodlands. They are often seen pursuing small mammals and birds – which make up most of their diet.

These adaptable birds will also urban parks and gardens, and remnant bushland.

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Australian Hobby or Little Falcon Photo Gallery


The Australian Hobbies is one of the smallest Australian raptors measuring about 30-36 cm in length, including the tail.

It is easily confused with the similar Peregrine Falcon, however, might be identified by its smaller size and darker plumage.

Breeding / Nesting

They often take over the nests of other birds.

The female alone incubates and broods young while the male hunts and feeds the brooding female and the young.

Diet / Feeding

They typically hunt small birds, up to nearly their own size, as well as mammals, bats, and large insects. They mostly hunt at dusk and dawn.

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