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The White-throated Hawk, Buteo albigula, is a bird of prey. In Britain, it is often referred to as a buzzard. It is closely related to the more widely distributed Short-tailed Hawk and was formerly considered conspecific (of, or belonging to, the same species) with it.



White-throated Hawks occur in the Andes mountains of South America and ranges down to the coast in the O’Higgins region of Chile. They prefer wooded areas.



The White-throated Hawk is a rather small Buteo, measuring 16.5 – 17.7 inches or 42 to 45 cm in length.

Similar Species:

  • Short-tailed Hawk: The White-throated Hawk differs in having a longer tail and no dark morph (genetic mutation). It also shows plumage differences such as brown streaks on the breast and belly, and a blackish tail with barely visible darker bands.

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