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What Eats A Caiman?

The caiman is South and Central America’s big, sharp-toothed reptile. It is related to several similar looking—and similarly toothy—aquatic reptiles, all of which are called crocodilians. The order of crocodilia includes regular crocs and gators, along with caimans and gharials.

Some caimans species can grow to a length of 16 feet, and not many predators are willing to take on a full grown specimen. But a jaguar is big enough and powerful enough and hungry enough to tackle a caiman. Watch as this jaguar stalks an unsuspecting caimans sunbathing on the bank of a tropical river in Brazil.

Gordon Ramel

Gordon is an ecologist with two degrees from Exeter University. He's also a teacher, a poet and the owner of 1,152 books. Oh - and he wrote this website.
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