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What Eats Ticks?

What Eats A Tick?
What Eats A Tick? We Wish Something Would Eat All Of Them! Photo:Matt Reinbold

What eats ticks? What do ticks eat?

It is hard to find anything good to say about ticks. Ticks are parasites that eat the blood of other animals, including pets and people. Some species can transmit terrible diseases to their victims—called “hosts”—when they bite them.

A tick attacks its host by waiting patiently on bushes or other vegetation with its front legs waving in the air until an animal or person passes by and brushes against it. Then, the tick hooks onto the other creature’s fur or skin with its legs and begins crawling around in search of a tasty place to bite.

If you find a tick on yourself, or on your dog or cat, you should take it off as soon as possible!

As to the question of what eats a tick—almost any creature that eats small insects will also eat ticks, even though the tick is not an insect. Tick have eight legs, while insects always have six. Some people depend on domesticated poultry to keep tick out of their yards; a species of poultry called the guinea hen, or guinea fowl, is reputed to be especially good at eating ticks. Guinea fowl come from Africa, but they are adaptable and can live almost anywhere.

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