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What Eats A Quoll?

What Eats A Quoll? Photo:Sean Mack

What eats a quoll?

What do quolls eat?

First, what is a quoll? A quoll is a small, cat-like carnivorous animal that lives in Australia and New Guinea. It is a marsupial, which means it carries its young in a pouch.

Before people arrived in Australia, there were other carnivorous, or meat-eating, marsupials larger than quolls that liked to kill and eat quolls. But people killed off most of the marsupial predators that were native to Australia.

However, people also brought in other predators, such as dogs and foxes, that now hunt, kill, and eat quolls. These are known as “introduced” predators because they originally came from someplace else.

So quolls lost one set of predators, only to gain another.

As for what a quolls eats—quolls mostly eat insects, small animals and avians.

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