14 Koala Predators: What Eats A Koala?

What Eats A Koala

Let’s look at what eats a Koala in the wild and why their numbers have dwindled to the point that they are not endangered. Koalas are mid-sized marsupials, a mammal with an opposable index finger that acts like the second thumb. In fact, their differences from other marsupials are so marked that a separate family … Read more


What Eats A Coyote And What Do They Eat? A coyote will eat pretty much anything it can find or catch, including rodents of all types and sizes, amphibians and reptiles, the eggs of ground-nesting avians—and even those avians themselves. A pack of coyotes working together can pull down big game in the form of … Read more

What Eats A Wolf?

What Eats A Wolf

What Eats A Wolf? What do wolves eat? Generally speaking, the wolf is the top dog in its ecosystem. That means that while wolves will try to eat almost any other animal that crosses their path, from the largest to the smallest, almost nobody gets to eat them—at least, not while they’re alive. But there … Read more


What eats mosquitoes? What does a mosquito eat? Mosquitoes bug all of us. The are ectoparasites, which are creatures that bite other creatures—including us—in order to feed on their blood. And mosquitoes can be found almost everywhere, from most of the world’s hottest places to most of its coldest. Some species of mosquitoes can spread … Read more

What Eats A Cat?

What Eats A Cat

What Eats A Cat? What Does A Cat Eat? It’s a shocking thought to most of us that any predator might eat someone’s pet cat—or any domestic feline. But cats do get eaten quite frequently when they are allowed to roam in the outdoors. Wild dogs such as foxes and coyotes view cats as an … Read more


What eats beavers? What do beavers eat? For thousands of years, the North American beaver’s main predator was the wolf. Then European-Amercan settlers came along and nearly wiped out both the wolf and the beaver. Wolves were killed because people thought they would eat livestock, while beavers were trapped relentlessly for their beautiful fur, which … Read more


What eats orcas? What does an orca eat? As for the first question . . . NOTHING eats a living, breathing, swimming orca. Size-wise, the orca is the biggest killer in the ocean . . . the apex predator of apex predators. It even occasionally eats some of the other apex predators such as the … Read more


What eats seals? What do seals eat? There are more than 30 species of seals, and they live in seas and oceans all over the world, from the frigid arctic and antarctic regions to the equatorial Pacific Ocean. Most seals chase down and eat fin fish, but some species eat crustaceans or or other shellfish. … Read more


What eats a possum (or opossum?) What do possums eat? First off, possums are marsupials, which means the mothers carry their young in a pouch, just like that other marsupial, the kangaroo. Different species of opossums are found throughout North and South America. There is also an Australian possum. What do possums eat? Opossums are … Read more


What eats a moth or butterfly? What do butterflies and moths eat? There are many thousands of species of butterflies and moths (both belonging to the scientific order Lepidoptera), and they live all over and around the world, from the Arctic to the tropical rain forests at the earth’s equator. About the only place they … Read more