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Wallace’s Fruit Doves


Wallace’s Fruit DovesPhoto Wanted


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The Wallace’s Fruit Doves (Ptilinopus wallacii) were named in honor of British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace.



This medium-sized fruit-dove measures about 26 cm in length, including the long, green tail. The plumage is mostly green with a scarlet crown and forehead, whitish throat, orange shoulder patch. The chest and neck is bluish-grey, the abdomen is orange and there is an orange patch in between.

The bill is yellow bill, the feet are purplish.

Males and females are very similar.


Distribution / Range

The Wallace Fruit Dove is an Indonesian endemic that occurs naturally in the lowland forests of eastern Lesser Sunda Islands, southern Maluku, Aru Island and in southwestern New Guinea.



They mostly feed onsmall fruits and berries.


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