Silky-flycatchers Species Overview

The silky-flycatchers are found in Central America, although the range of one species, the Phainopepla, extends into the southwestern USA.

They are usually found in woodland areas (semi-desert with trees). They make their nest in trees.


They have a soft silky plumage that is usually grey or pale yellow in color.

All species, with the exception of the Black-and-yellow Silky-flycatcher, have small crests.

Diet / Feeding

They mostly feed on various fruits or insects.

PhainopeplaSpecies of Ptilogonatidae

Silky-flycatchers Species Photo Gallery

Below published are photos of different silky flycatcher species. To allow you to learn more about any of them, or to view more photos, each image is linked to the respective species page.

Black-and-yellow Silky-flycatcher
Gray Silky (Ptilogonys cinereus)

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