Seychelles Paradise Flycatchers

Seychelles Paradise Flycatchers (Terpsiphone corvina)

The Seychelles Paradise Flycatchers (Terpsiphone corvina) is a rare paradise flycatcher found in the Seychelles, where it occurs in the Veuve Nature Reserve on La Digue.

They inhabit dense Calophyllum forests.

Seychelles Paradise Flycatchers on a Palm Tree
Seychelles Paradise Flycatchers on a Palm Tree


Males are larger than females, measuring about 20 cm in length, not including their long black central tail feathers, which can reach a length of 30 cm.

They have blue facial skin, bill, and legs.

Females measure between 16 and 18 cm in length, including the tail.

The males have a glossy black with a deep blue sheen.

Females are reddish-brown on the back, the wings, and the tail. Below, they are pale cream white.


Diet / Feeding

They prey on insects caught in flight or from a perch. They also take larvae and spiders.


Seychelles Paradise Flycatchers on Branch
Seychelles Paradise Flycatchers on Branch

Nesting / Breeding

They build oval bowl-shaped nests out of twigs, palm fiber, and spider webs.


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