The following Doves and Pigeons occur naturally in the Philippines:

Black-chinned Fruit Dove (Ptilinopus leclancheri) – Common

Black-naped Fruit Dove (Ptilinopus melanospilus)

Cream-breasted Fruit Dove (Ptilinopus merrilli) – Endemic

Flame-breasted Fruit Dove (Ptilinopus marchei) – Endemic

Luzon Bleeding-heart Dove (Gallicolumba luzonica) – Range: Central and southern parts of the large island of Luzon, and the neighbouring small Polillo Islands, in the Philippines.

Metallic Pigeon (Columba vitiensis)

Mindoro Bleeding-heart (Gallicolumba platenae)

Negros Bleeding-heart Dove (Gallicolumba keayi)Luzon Bleeding Heart

Negros Fruit Dove (Ptilinopus arcanus) – Endemic to the Philippines (may be extinct)

Nicobar Pigeon (Caloenas nicobarica)

Superb Fruit Dove (Ptilinopus superbus)

Yellow-breasted Fruit Dove (Ptilinopus occipitalis) – Endemic

Zebra Doves (Geopelia striata, also called Barred Ground Dove)

Black-chinned Fruit DoveSuperb Fruit DoveMetallic PigeonNicobar Pigeon (Caloenas nicobarica)Yellow-breasted Fruit Dove (Ptilinopus occipitalis) Flame-breasted Fruit Dove (Ptilinopus marchei)


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