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Black-chinned Fruit Doves aka Black-throated Fruit Doves or Leclancher’s Doves

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The Black-chinned Fruit Doves (Ptilinopus leclancheri) is also known as the Black-throated Fruit Dove or Leclancher’s Dove.

It is very common in the d Philippines, but very rare (only known from four specimensI in Taiwan.

They inhabit lowland forests.



The Black-chinned Fruit Doves is a medium-sized (up to 27 cm long) fruit dove.

The male is a colorful bird with a green belly and wings, a brown tail, a whitish grey head and neck with a purple base, a red iris, and a small black patch under its yellow bill.

The female has a green head, neck, and breast.


The diet consists mainly of fruits.



The female usually lays a single white egg in a nest made of twigs.


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