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Black-winged Cuckooshrikes or Smaller Grey Cuckoo-Shrikes

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The Black-winged Cuckooshrike or Smaller Grey Cuckoo-Shrike (Coracina melaschistos) is a cuckooshrike found in South to Southeast Asia.



They are found from Northeast Pakistan through the lower Himalayan region (Uttaranchal, Nepal, Arunachal Pradesh and into the hills of NE Myanmar continuing to China and Southeast Asia.

They spend the winter in the foothills, occasionally longer distances (e.g. Kerala).

They inhabit open forest, groves, singly or in pairs.



This is a medium sized, dark-plumage cuckoo-shrike with an unbarred, grey under plumage.

    • Male: dark grey above; contrasting black wings and tail. Wide white feather tips on underside of tail.


  • Female: Palers with faint barring on underside



Their call is described as a loud twit twit to we, descending in scale.



They mostly feed on invertebrates.


Species Research by Sibylle Johnson


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