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Mindoro Tarictic Hornbills or Mindoro Hornbills


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The Mindoro Tarictic Hornbills (Penelopides mindorensis) – or simply Mindoro Hornbills are endangered hornbills found in the forests on Mindoro in the Philippines.

Some consider them to be a subspecies of to Visayan Tarictic Hornbill.



The Mindoro Hornbills are the only tarictic hornbill species where both genders have a creamy-white and black plumage. Males and females look alike, but can be identified by the color of their eye rings, which are pinkish-white in the males and blue in the females.


Diet / Feeding

Their diet consists mainly of fruits, figs and insects.


Nesting / Breeding

The female seals itself inside a tree hole for egg-laying. During this time, the male and helpers will provide food for the female and the young.

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