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The Abyssinian White-eye or White-breasted White-eye (Zosterops abyssinicus) belongs to the white-eye family Zosteropidae.



They are native to north-east Africa and southern Arabia.

In Africa, they occur from north-east Sudan south through Eritrea, Ethiopia, northern Somalia and Kenya to north-east Tanzania. They can also be found on Socotra Island.

In Arabia, their range includes south-west Saudi Arabia, Yemen and southern Oman.

It is found at an altitude of up to 1,800 meters (~5,600 feet) above sea-level in Africa and 3,100 meters (~10,100 feet) in Arabia.

They inhabit open woodland, scrub, wadis as well as gardens.



They average 10-12 cm (4 to 4.7 inches) in length. The upper plumage is green; darker and greyer in northern species. They have a white ring around the eyes, and a thin black line between the beak and eye.

Depending on the race, the underparts vary from pale yellow to greyish-white.


Calls / Vocalizations

They make various twittering and buzzing calls.


Diet / Feeding

They usually forage among branches in trees, occasionally descending to the ground to feed. They diet consists of insects, but they will also feed on nectar from flowers.

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