Blyth’s Hawk Eagles

Blyth's Hawk Eagles (Nisaetus alboniger)

The Blyth’s Hawk Eagles (Nisaetus alboniger) are bird of prey. that breeds in Peninsula Malaysia, Singapore, Sumatra, and Borneo. It inhabits open woodland, although island forms prefer a higher tree density. It builds a stick nest in a tree and lays a single egg.

A Blyth's Hawk Eagles Perched On A Branch
A Blyth’s Hawk Eagles Perched On A Branch


This medium-sized raptor measures about 51-58 cm in length. Adult has a thick white band on uppertail and undertail, all black above, black spotted breast, barred below. It has a prominent crest like the bazas.

The juvenile is dark brown above. The head and under plumage is light brown.

A Flying Blyth's Hawk Eagle
A Flying Blyth’s Hawk Eagle


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