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Restless Flycatcher

The Restless Flycatchers (Myiagra inquieta) is found in Australia and Papua New Guinea.


The Restless Flycatchers measures about 20 cm in length, including its tail.

Its back is grey and the plumage below is white. It has a glossy dark blue crown.

Similar Species:

It resembles the Willie Wagtail but can be identified by its throat and white eyebrows.

Breeding / Nesting

Its cup-shaped nest is constructed with shredded bark and grasses, matted and reinforced with spider-webbing. The nest is lined with soft bark, grasses, hair, and feathers. The outside of the nest is decorated with lichen, strips of bark, or spiders’ egg sacs.

The nest is usually situated in the fork of a well-foliaged tree up to twenty or more metres above the ground. The nest is often near or overhanging water.

Diet / Feeding

Its main diet consists of insects.


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