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Cryptic Forest Falcons

Cryptic Forest Falcons (Micrastur mintoni)

The Cryptic Forest Falcons (Micrastur mintoni) was only scientifically described in 2003. Formerly it was confused with the Lined Forest Falcon.


Distribution / Range

The Cryptic Forest Falcon is found in the south-eastern Amazon rainforest in Brazil and Bolivia. Old specimens taken in the Atlantic Forest in eastern Brazil also exist, but there are no recent records from that region, and it has possibly been extirpated.

While uncommon in its Amazonian range, it remains widespread, and is therefore rated as Least Concern by BirdLife International and IUCN.



Looks like the Lined Forest Falcon, except the adult Cryptic Forest Falcons have only single white tail-band in addition to a narrow white tail-tip.


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