Typical Whistlers

Australian Golden Whistler (Pachycephala pectoralis)

Pachycephala is a genus of birds native to Oceania and Southeast Asia.

They are commonly known as typical whistlers. Older guidebooks may refer to them as thickheads, a literal translation of the generic name, which is derived from the Ancient Greek terms pachys “thick” + kephale “head”.


Species in taxonomic sequence

There are nearly 3 dozen species:

An unidentified Pachycephala whistler was heard on May 14 1994 at 1,000 meters Above Sea Level south of the summit of Camiguin in the Philippines, where the genus was not previously known to occur. It might have been an undescribed taxon, or simply a vagrant of a known species.


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Bornean Whistler (Pachycephala hypoxantha hypoxantha)


Gilbert Whistler