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What Eats Mice?

What Eats Mice? What Do Mice Eat?

Few mammals are lower on the food chain or closer to the outside of the food web than the mouse. Just about every other carnivorous or omnivorous animal will gladly eat a mouse when given the chance.

The mouse’s predators, or natural enemies, include many members of the cat family, from house cats to bobcats and lynx, and just about every member of the dog family, including coyotes and most of their larger and smaller cousins.

Most flying predators eat mice, and so do most carnivorous reptiles, from crocodilians to vipers, constrictors and other serpents. Even a tarantula will grab a mouse dinner from time to time.

In fact, all the predators that eat mice are too numerous to name. That’s why mice reproduce so quickly—they need to keep their numbers up!

As for the question of what do mice eat?: In the wild, they eat a variety of seeds, vegetation and insects.

A Very Young Mouse
What Eats Mice?

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