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Southern Black Flycatchers

The Southern Black Flycatchers (Melaenornis pammelaina) occur naturally in Africa. Several races have been identified:

Southern Black-Flycatchers (Melaenornis pammelaina pammelaina – Stanley, 1814) – Nominate form

Range: Southern Tanzania to southeastern Malawi and Mozambique north of Sul do Save

Southern Black-Flycatcher (ater) (Melaenornis pammelaina ater – Sundevall, 1850)

Range: Southeastern Botswana to Malawi, eastern Zimbabwe, Mozambique, eastern parts of South Africa

Southern Black-Flycatcher (diabolicus) (Melaenornis pammelaina diabolicus – Sharpe, 1877)

Range: Southern Angola to northern Namibia and northwestern Botswana

East African Black Flycatcher, Southern Black-Flycatcher (East African) (Melaenornis pammelaina tropicalis – Cabanis, 1884)

Range: Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire) to Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and western Tanzania

Southern Black-Flycatcher (poliogygna) (Melaenornis pammelaina poliogygna – Lawson, 1964)

Range: Angola to the Caprivi Strip, Zimbabwe, northwestern Malawi and southwestern Tanzania


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