Pacific Koels or Eastern Koels (Eudynamys orientalis)

The Pacific Koels (Eudynamys orientalis) – also known as the Eastern Koels – are cuckoos that have often been considered conspecific (one and the same species) with the Asian and Black-billed Koels. However, nowadays, most authorities treat them as separate species.

Pacific Koels (Eudynamys orientalis)

In Australia, they are commonly referred to as Rainbirds or Stormbirds, as their calsl are said to foreshadow rain.


The Pacific Koel occurs naturally in forest, woodland, plantations and gardens from Wallacea east to the Solomon Island and south to northern and eastern Australia.

The Koels are fairly common within their ranges.

Koel Distribution


The Pacific Koels are brood parasites (placing their eggs into the nest of other birds, for them to raise). Unlike other parasitic cuckoos, the chicks don’t try to kill the host chicks and are raised together jointly with them.

In Australia, their hosts are mainly large honeyeaters, such as Noisy Friarbirds and Red Wattlebirds).

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