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Javan Scops Owl (Otus angelinae)

The Javan Scops Owls (Otus angelinae) – also known as Angelina’s Scops Owls or Greater Sunda Scops Owlsare rare, small owls that are native to Indonesia, where they are restricted to the western parts of the island of Java (hence this species’ common name).

On the island, they are only known from seven mountains, with recent records existing from only three.

They inhabit tropical upper montane forests at elevations from 3,200 – 6,600 feet (1,000 m – 2,000 m). They are believed to be resident (non-migratory), except for some altitudinal movements.

These owls are classified as Vulnerable – due to its small range and loss and fragmentation of its natural forest habitat.


The Javan Scops Owl measures between 6 – 7 inches (16 – 18 cm) in length.

The upper plumage is mostly reddish-brown – often with buffy or whitish (and distinctly black-tipped) collar and whitish scapular (wing) stripe. The facial disk is rusty-brown. The distinctive white eyebrows extend into the ear tufts. The plumage below is whitish or creamy in color.

The eyes (irises) are golden-yellow.

Similar species:

The Javan Scops Owl resembles the Sunda Scops Owl – except the latter is slightly larger in size and has a greyer facial disk, buffy eye brows and brown or orange eyes (irises); and a different call.

Calls / Vocalizations

These owls are mostly silent; except for an explosive poo-poo alarm call. Particularly young birds emit prolonged hissing contact notes and wailing calls.

Breeding / Nesting

Fledglings have been observed in February, June and July; which suggests egg-laying / nesting in or around May and December.

Diet / Feeding

Javan Scops Owls primarily feed on insects, such as mantids, beetles and grasshoppers. They may also take small lizards or snakes.

They catch their prey on trunks or in the foliage; or take them from the ground.

Alternate (Global) Names

Chinese: ???? … Czech: Výrecek jávský, výre?ek jávský … Danish: Javadværghornugle … Dutch: Angelinadwergooruil, Angelina-dwergooruil … German: Angelinaeule, Angelina-Zwergohreule … English: Angelina’s Scops Owl, Angelina’s Scops-Owl, Javan Scops Owl, Javan Scops-Owl … Spanish: Autillo de Java, Autillo Javanés … Estonian: jaava päll … Finnish: Jaavanpöllönen … French: Petit-duc d’Angelina, Petit-duc de Java … Indonesian: Celepuk gunung, Celepuk Jawa … Italian: Assiolo di Giava … Japanese: taiwankonohazuku … Norwegian: Javaugle … Polish: syczek jawajski … Russian: ????? ????????, ???????? ????? … Slovak: výrik jávsky … Swedish: Javadvärguv

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