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Knobbed Hornbills or Sulawesi Wrinkled Hornbills

Knobbed Hornbills or Sulawesi Wrinkled Hornbills

The Knobbed Hornbills, Aceros cassidix – also known as Sulawesi Wrinkled Hornbill – is an Indonesian endemic that occurs in the tropical evergreen forests of Sulawesi, Buton, Lembeh, Togian and Muna Island.

Closeup Image of Knobbed Hornbills
Closeup Image of Knobbed Hornbills

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This large black hornbill has a yellow bill, white tail feathers, pale blue skin around the eye, blackish feet, and a bare dark blue throat.

The male has a rufous buff face and neck, orange-red eyes, and a high reddish casque (a large display growth on the upper mandible of the bill).

The female has a black face and neck, yellow casque, and brownish eyes.

Diet / Feeding

They mostly feed on fruits and figs.

Knobbed Hornbills Perched on Tree
Knobbed Hornbill Perched on Tree

Breeding / Nesting

The Knobbed Hornbills is believed to be a monogamous species (loyal to one mate)..

The female seals herself inside a tree hole for egg-laying to keep out predators.

During this time, the male will provide foods for the female and the chicks through a small opening.

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