Grey-headed Fish Eagles

Grey-headed Fish Eagles (Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus)

The Grey-headed Fish Eagles (Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus) occur naturally in southern Asia from India and Sri Lanka to southeast Asia and the Philippines.

Grey-headed Fish Eagles Perched on ree Branch
Grey-headed Fish Eagles Perched on ree Branch


The grey-headed Fish Eagle is a largish stocky raptor at about 70–75 cm in length.

Adults have dark brown wings and back, a grey head, and reddish brown breasts. The lower belly, thighs, and tail are white, the latter having a black terminal band.

Males and females look alike, but young birds have a pale buff head, underparts, and underwing, all with darker streaking.

Nesting / Breeding

They typically nest in forests, constructing their nests out of sticks and plant material.

The nest is usually situated in a tree near water.

The average clutch consists of 2 – 4 eggs.

Diet / Feeding

As suggested by their common name, the Grey-headed Fish Eagles are specialist fish eaters.

They typically hunt over bodies of water, such as lakes, lagoons and large rivers.


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