Golden Palm Weaver

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The Golden Palm Weavers (Ploceus bojeri) – also known as  Mombasa Golden Weavers or Palm Weavers – are endemic to eastern Africa; specifically, they occur naturally in the savanna regions of Ethiopia to southern Somalia, eastern Kenya, and northeastern Tanzania.  They are mostly found in dry savannas, inland wetlands, and along rivers, streams & creeks.


They are about 5.5 inches or 14 cm long (including the tail).  They weigh between 0.6 – 1 oz or 17 and 29 grams.

Breeding male:  bright yellow plumage except for an orangy head.

Female:  Duller plumage, with more yellow below.  

Both genders have dark eyes.  

Similar birds: 

  • African Golden Weaver: Can be identified by their red eyes.

Calls / Vocalizations:

Their vocalizations are described as “Chet” notes and sizzling “radio static” songs.   

Global Names:

  • Catalan:  teixidor de les palmeres
  • Chinese:  橙头织巢鸟 /  橙頭金織布鳥
  • Croatian: narančastolica pletilja
  • Czech:  snovač Bojerův
  • Danish:  Palmevæver
  • Dutch:  Palmwever
  • Finnish: kookoskutoja
  • French: Tisserin palmiste
  • German:  Palmenweber
  • Hungarian:  sáfrányos szövőmadár
  • Italian:  Tessitore delle palme
  • Japanese:  ougon’yashihataori / オウゴンヤシハタオリ
  • Lithuanian:  Palminis audėjas
  • Norwegian:  Palmevevar
  • Polish:  wikłacz pomarańczowy
  • Portuguese:  Tecelão-das-palmeiras-dourado
  • Russian:  Пальмовый ткач
  • Slovak:  pletiarka palmová
  • Serbian:  Bojerova tekstor tkalja
  • Spanish:  Tejedor Palmero
  • Swedish:  palmvävare
  • Ukrainian:  Ткачик пальмовий


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