Cook’s Petrels

Cook’s Petrels (Pterodroma cookii) are seabirds found in the Pacific Ocean from New Zealand north to the Aleutian Islands. They may be seen well off the west coast of the United States and the west coast of tropical South America.

They breed on offshore islands near New Zealand. They are highly pelagic (preferring open waters), rarely approaching land, except to nest and rear young.

They average 25-30 cm in length and have a 65-66 cm wingspan.

Diet / Feeding

Cook’s Petrels mostly feed on fish and squid, with some crustaceans taken.


Cook’s Petrel nest in burrows and rock crevices, preferring thickly forested ridges.

Cook's Petrel (Pterodroma cookii)


Its numbers have declined due to predation by introduced mammals and Wekas. Populations have started to recover as rats and cats and other introduced wildlife are removed from breeding islands.

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