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Coronation Sussex Chickens

The Coronation Sussex Chickens are a very attractive English breed that was originally developed to honor the reign of King George.

Current Status

They are rare in the United States; however, surprisingly, even fewer of them still exist in their original native home – the United Kingdom – where it is estimated that only 50 individuals are still found.

Uses / Personality

They are appreciated for their gentle, inquisitive, calm, and kid-friendly disposition – qualities that make them wonderful backyard pets.

As an added benefit, they are also among the most productive poultry breeds with hens laying between 240 – 260 medium-large, cream (off-white) to light brown eggs each year. They are also popular show/exhibition birds.

Adults have bright white plumage, except for grey/blue hackles (feathers on the neck) and tails. The comb (fleshy crest on the head), the earlobes, and the flaps of skin under their beaks are bright red.

The beak and legs/feet are flesh-colored. The earlobes are red.

Adult males weigh, on average, 9 lbs, and females about 7 lbs.

The chicks are covered in yellow down. When they are about 3 – 4 weeks of age, their adult plumage starts to grow.


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