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Cinnamon Canaries

Cinnamon Canaries were developed and established as a separate variety in England until the early 1900s and were then cross-bred with the ‘type’ canaries to intensify their cinnamon color, specifically the Norwich, Yorkshire, and later the Border canaries.


However, these canaries did not have the same intensity of color as the true cinnamon –  now known as the English Cinnamon Canary, which the British Canary Council has since recognized as a separate breed.

The Cinnamon Canary is a ‘color’ variety that comes in the base color of yellow or in the buff with a cinnamon red tone.  The ideal is a rich, dark, glowing red-brown plumage in the yellow form and a subtle blend of pinky and softer browns in the buff form.

English Cinnamon Canaries look very similar to Norwich Canaries but are slightly larger and more active.  Like the Norwich Canaries, English Cinnamons are also said to have good parenting skills and can be trusted to raise their young with ease.

Nowadays, these rare canaries are valued for the fine quality of their plumage. Many fanciers believe that cinnamon canaries have the smoothest and finest feathers of all breeds.

Please note: Latest update of this species content courtesy of Derek Dixs (photo of his Cinnamon Canary also provided on this page).

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