The Norwich Canary was brought to Norwich, England by Flemish refugees over 300 years ago where the canary became very popular and eventually took on the name of the town. This breed was among the earliest varieties to be developed in England. The breed was already the leading exhibition variety before 1850 and it is still shown in large  numbers, though long surpassed by the Border Canary and the Fife Canary.



The attractive Norwich Canary is a “type canary”, as it is bred for physical appearance rather than color or song.

Referred to as the “John Bull” canary, the Norwich Canary has a rather robust appearance, averaging 6.5″ in length, with a thick neck and a large head.

They are not as agile nor as lively as some of the smaller canary breeds. But they tend to have rather laid-back personalities and make quite amicable pets.

Males also tend to have a pleasing strong song, even though this is not what they were bred for.


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