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Chestnut-bellied Partridges

Chestnut-bellied Partridges (Arborophila javanica)

The Chestnut-bellied Partridge (Arborophila javanica) – also known as Chestnut-bellied Hill-partridge or Javan Hill-partridge.- is an Indonesian endemic. It is distributed to hill and mountain forests of west and east Java

Chestnut-bellied Partridges
Chestnut-bellied Partridges

It is a small, up to 28cm long, partridge with a rufous crown and nape, red legs, grey breast, brown wings, red facial skin, and a black mask, throat, and bill. It has a rufous belly with white in the middle. Males and females look alike. Juveniles have a whitish face and reddish-brown bill.

The average clutch consists of up to four eggs. The domed nest is constructed by the male out of long grasses.



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