Yellow-crowned Barbet

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Barbets native to, or found in, Indonesia

Black-banded Barbets (Megalaima javensis)

Bornean Barbets (Megalaima eximia)

Brown Barbets (Calorhamphus fuliginosus)

Brown-throated Barbets (Megalaima corvina)

Fire-tufted Barbets (Psilopogon pyrolophus)

Flame-fronted Barbets (Megalaima armillaris)

Golden-naped Barbets (Megalaima pulcherrima)

Gold-whiskered Barbets (Megalaima chrysopogon)

Golden-whiskered Barbet (Megalaima chrysopogon)

Fire-tufted BarbetMountain Barbets (Megalaima monticola)

Red-crowned Barbet (Megalaima rafflesii)

Red-throated Barbets (Megalaima mystacophanos)

Yellow-crowned Barbets (Megalaima henricii)


Brown Barbet (Caloramphus fuliginosus)Flame-fronted Barbet (Megalaima armillaris)Red-throated BarbetRed-crowned Barbet (Megalaima rafflesii)Golden-whiskered Barbet (Megalaima chrysopogon)


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