Albino Hummingbird (White) or Leucistic Hummingbirds in Indiana

Albino Hummingbird (White) Hummingbirds Information

White Hummingbirds Reported in Other States / Locations

Albino Hummingbird sightings in Indiana recorded in reverse chronological order:

Indiana, near Elizabeth: White hummingbird videoed by John Wyatt on Glass Overlook Road (August 15, 2020) . This white (albino) hummingbird is/was a daily visitor (video supplied / will be uploaded shortly).

Indiana, Hanna: Melady Kleist reported an all-white hummingbird (pink eyes and bill – which suggests a true Albino) on August 18, 2019. Photos were taken by Darrel G. Kleist.

Indiana Hummingbird reported by Mr. & Mrs. Thompson - September 2019

East Evansville: Charles and Kay Klewin reported seeing a white hummingbird, September 7, 2017.

Southwest Indiana. White hummingbird photographed by Martha Thompson on October 1, 2014.

Indiana, Danville – Leucistic Hummingbird photographed on 14 Sept 2014. Reported by [email protected]  (photo submitted)

Outside Saint Joe – Jackie Bevington ( [email protected]) reported a leucistic hummingbird at her feeder between 9/5 – 9/8/2013.

Bristol, Indiana – A true albino hummingbird has been visiting Kathy and Mark Leib’s feeders quite regularly (reported 9/8/2013).

Covington, IN 47932 – Leucistic Hummingbird (8/2012) – Information and photo (below) by Jerry and Carolyn James

Leucistic Hummingbird in Covington, Indiana

Indiana, SW Vigo County – Albino Hummingbird (9/2010)

Indiana (West Central) – Leucistic Hummingbird (8/2009)

Indiana, Terre Haute, Putnam County – Albino Hummingbird (/9/2005)

Indiana, Bloomington – Albino Ruby-throated Hummingbird (9/2002)

Albino Hummingbird by Michael Brown
Albino Hummingbird (Ruby-throat)?
Leucistic Anna's Hummingbird
Back: Albino Hummingbird (Calypte costae) - Front: Female Black-chinned Hummingbird (?)
22 Sept 2010 Vigo County

Did you see one of these rare hummingbirds? If so, please e-mail relevant information (such as date, location, etc.) and photos – if available (including the photographer’s name. THANK YOU!)

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