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Sightings of Albino Hummingbird (White) or Leucistic Hummingbirds in the Americas

Sightings of Albino Hummingbird (White) or Leucistic Hummingbirds in the Americas | Beauty of Birds

Albino Hummingbird (White) Hummingbirds Information

Albino Hummingbirds have been reported in the following states/areas / sorted by location and dates. Subspecies are listed if known, and images are provided if available. Those marked as “Albino” (not “True Albino”) could be Leucistics / Partial Albinos. Definite ID could not be made via photos) ….





  • Arizona, Nogales, AZ 85621: Evangelina Padilla photographed, and submitted a photo of, a very beautiful leucistic hummingbird which visited her garden on September 5th and 6th, 2020.
  • Arizona, Alpine: Dennis Hutt reported a sighting of a pied / partial white hummingbird at her feeder – photographed in July 2020. Please refer to below photos.
  • Arizona, Tuscon: Alice Trembulak provided photos of a Leucistic Hummingbird found in her backyard in September 2019.
  • Arizona, Santa Rita Lodge Wildlife area, near Green Valley AZ.  March 2016 – Pied (Partial White) Magnificent Hummingbird reported (with photo) by KL West.

Tucson:  Laurel Bender reported a sighting of a leucistic hummingbird and submitted a lovely photo taken by Bill Bender on 12/14/2015.

  • Tucson: Nicholas “Nick” Allison reported, and took photos of, a pied / partially albino hummingbird on Ina Road.  Photos taken on January 18/19, 2015.


  • Arkansas, Springdale: David Lee reported a pied / partial white / leucistic hummingbird that he videoed in his backyard in August 2020.
  • Northeast, Arkansas: Julie Isaacson photographed, and submitted photos, of a Leucistic hummingbird observed at her feeder.
  • Rogers, Arkansas: Cindy Askins submitted a photo of a white hummingbird taken at a garden feeder on Wednesday, August 30, 2017.
  • Little Rock, Arkansas, Sept. 2015.   Laurie Perry reported a “pied hummingbird” in her backyard.  She described it as follows: “It had a big white splotch covering most of its back, and its chest area was noticeably whiter than all of the other hummers swarming around the feeders.  The head, wings, and feet all seemed to be fairly ‘normal’ hummingbird colors.”
  • Paragould, AR, June 2015:  Debbie Dye reported an albino hummingbird in her backyard (between 5/31/15 and 6/1/2015)
  • Tontitown, AR, Sept. 2014: Leucistic Hummingbird photographed at  Jimmy and Joyce Greenlee’s residence.  Photos submitted by Chad Downum


  • Freeport, FL: Linda Young photographed a  white hummingbird that appeared at her feeder on 9-25-2016 and on following days.   [Photo submitted for verification – unpublished]
  • Ridge Manor, FL (north of Dade City) in Central Florida.  Albino or very light pied hummingbird reported and photographed by Calvin & Amber Herring, August 2014.
  • St. Augustine, Florida:  Cathy Youngstrom photographed the below leucistic hummingbird about 18 miles west of St. Augustine, northern Florida. She reports that this beautiful hummer has been feeding at her location for about 10 days and feeds together with about 8 resident Ruby-throated Hummingbirds. One can assume that this partial-white hummingbird is also a Ruby-throated.


  • Georgia,  Dallas:  Glen Walker reported (with photo) a pied (leucistic) hummingbird.  Seen in Dallas, GA at 7 pm EST on 8/28/17 
  • South: Kay Pohlman submitted a photo of a white hummingbird on 9/23/2016. 
  • Hartwell: Lee Pittman reported an albino hummingbird at one of his feeders on April 15, 2016
  • Villa Rica: Leucistic / Partial-White Hummingbird photographed. Photos submitted by Amanda Stephenson, 8/19/2014
  • Georgia, Ellijay – A leucistic hummingbird (pied?) was reported by Christine Hayes. Most likely a Ruby-throated Hummingbird. Described as “mostly white with just a little black.” (9/25/2013)
  • Danielsville – Leucistic Hummingbird (9/2004)
  • Chatsworth (young male leucistic Ruby-throat), Summerville (leucistic – unknown gender / subspecies), and Douglasvillle (true albino – young female Ruby-throat) (Summer 2002)
  • Big Canoe -Leucistic Hummingbird (9/2000)
  • Zebulon – Albino Ruby-throated Hummingbird (early Fall 1999)


  • Illinois, Yorkville: Jim Adamson photographed a leucistic hummingbird at their feeders on 8/27/2020. This appears to be a brown/ino mutation in which the black-grey eumelanin is reduced displaying brownish pheomelanin. Please refer to photos below:
  • Illinois, Flossmoor: Diane Johnson photographed a white hummingbird in her backyard.  October 7, 2016
  • Illinois, Plato Center (50 – 60 miles Northwest of Chicago) – Leucistic Hummingbird sighted at garden feeder for several days. Photo taken on 9/1/2012 by Kathy Martino – [email protected]



  • KentuckyHartford (Off 136)  Cynthia Renfrow photographed a white hummingbird at her feeder.  She noted:  “Seemed very healthy, large. The hummers tried to chase it off bit it held its own.  In one video, it lands on a branch and I think I see pink not black around its face.  My 20 or more hummers never welcome newbies at first.  2013 and 2014, I had a partial.  Head was all white.  Haven’t seen it this year.”


  • Louisiana, Many, LA on Toledo Bend Lake. Jennifer Sonnier submitted a photo (below) of a white hummingbird at her garden feeder. 
  • Shreveport – Albino Hummingbird (6/2014)


  • Maine, Birch Harbor:  Kara Sass reported a white hummingbird at their home.  9/22/2016
  • Buxton:   – August 2016:  White Hummingbird photographed by Judy Moody.

  • Jefferson – 10/21/2014: Carolyn Wronker submitted photos of what appears to be the same white hummingbird that was reported in September by Mr. & Mrs. Ross.  Carolyn reports as follows:  “I took these photos in mid-September in Jefferson Maine.  I saw it first on Sat Sept 13 and again on the 14th, 15th, and 17th.  About a week later it was seen in Ogunquit Maine (about 100 miles south of Jefferson.”  

  • Maine, Ogunquit, Maine. Sept. 2014 – Photos of a true albino hummingbird taken and submitted to BeautyOfBirds by Heather and Gary Ross (visitors in Maine).


Indian Head:  Albino Hummingbird reported by April Hancock – August 2016.  This bird has a white plumage, pink feed, beak and feathers, but dark eyes (please refer to below photos) – which would indicate that this is an “incomplete albino” … 


  • Massachusetts, Plympton: Sherry DeAmelio submitted a video of a beautiful white hummingbird (possibly a true albino) on 9/8/2020. We weren’t able to upload the video, but took a couple of screenshots.
  • Massachustts, Paxton – August 1, 2016: Paula Howell submitted several photos of what appears to be a true white hummingbird (true albino) – which is the first white hummingbird recorded in the state (to our knowledge).   Below are the photos of this special bird:


  • Mississippi, Red Banks: Lori Arrowsmith sent us photos of a Pied Hummingbird. Lori reports as follows: “He appears to show up at the feeders as a regular with the ruby red throated, interacts normally. Location is Burton Road, Red Banks,MS. I noticed this bird approximately mid July. He is still here at present 8/10/19.

  • Mississippi, near Laurel:  Jerry Goode reported a white hummingbird sighting on September 19, 2017 at around 3:30 central time.

  • Mississippi, Kosciusko: Chandra reported a Leucistic Hummingbird (9/16/2013)


  • Nevada, NV:   JERRY Knighten photographed a white & brown hummingbird on March 24, 2017 (please refer to photo below). Photo was taken in the southern highlands of Las Vegas, NV

Henderson, NV: Leucistic hummingbird reported (and photographed) by Missy Reinheimer.  The typical visitors in her backyards are Costa’s, Anna’s, and black-chinned hummingbirds.  


New Jersey

  • Lincroft, NJ: Janet Dudzinski submitted several photos (including the below) of a beautiful partial-white (leucistic) hummingbird. 8/23/2020
  • Haleyville NJ – Cumberland county: William Rhubart reported a white hummingbird on Saturday, August 10, 2019 (with photos and videos).

New York

New York, Brewster, NY.  In August 2015, Arleen Phypers photographed a white, possibly true albino hummingbird at her feeder.

New York, Brockport – A leucistic hummingbird sighted at butterfly bush – 9/15/12 – reported by Keith Harvey Email, [email protected]

North Carolina

  • North Carolina, Morganton – Nancy MacLaughlin saw an albino hummingbird at her bird feeder on 8/27/2013. She described it as “solid white.” E-mail: macnancymac [ at ] yahoo dot com. Below image was submitted by Chuck MacLaughlin:
  • Clemmons – Leucistic hummingbird spotted by Paul Petras at his feeder. Photos were taken 7/13/12
  • Charlotte (5/2011)
  • Kannapolis – Albino Ruby-throated Hummingbird (7/2009)
  • Chapel Hill – Albino /Leucistic Hummingbird – believed to be a Ruby-throated Hummingbird (8/2003)


  • Sciota, PA: Chrissy Himler reported a white hummingbird providing photos taken on or around September 27, 2020. Please refer to photos below:
  • Raubsville ( Williams Township) PA  Mary Jo Crowley  submitted a photo of a white hummingbird that visits her family’s bird feeder regularly since August 3rd 2017.  The white hummingbird was sighted 5 miles south of Easton, PA on Canal Road along the Delaware River.    


  • Stillwater, Oklahoma: Mary Langley photographed and reported a Leucistic Ruby Throat Hummingbird feeding in her backyard. Photos below.
  • Ladys Island, SC  29907 (Aug. 9, 2015).  White hummingbird reported, with photo, by Anne & Kevin Taylor.  They provided the following information:  “Bill appears to be black, rather than pink, so he’s (?) not a true albino, but he does not seem to have the mottling that a lot of photos we have seen of other leucistic hummingbirds.   This photo caught him with his tongue out at the feeder.”
  • Mayo, SC  (Spartanburg, SC).  White hummingbird spotted at local bird feeder on Sept. 23, 2014.  Reported by Scarlet Atkins 
  • Socastee (9/2010)
  • Anderson County – Leucistic Ruby-throated Hummingbird (8/99)


  • Midway, UT 84049 (Aug. 3, 2020) : Cary Hobbs reported a Leucistic Black-chinned Hummingbird with photos (below).
  • Utah, Kaysville (Aug. 16, 2015)… Philip Michelsen reported a leucistic hummingbird perched on a power line.  He described it as being about two inches long, with dark eyes, dark beak, white feathers on the front, and a light grey back and tail.
  • Bear Lake – Leucistic Unknown Species


  • Virginia, Charlottesville, VA.  Fran Dickerson submitted photos of a leucistic hummingbird photographed on 8/20/17.  She states:  “The hummer stayed a long time and flitted up into the trees and around the patio.  The bird came again to feed on Monday morning but has not been seen since so I guess it has gone South for the Winter.  It was a beautiful rare sight to behold and a much needed sight here in Charlottesville VA at this time” Fran Dickerson

    Virginia, Hardy (outside of Roanoke).  August 2015.  White hummingbird photographed by Ferrell Neice (locally known as “Dr. Dolittle”).    Charlottesville, VA on Sunday, 8/20/17 at 6:45 PM with my iPad Mini, hence the lack of clarity.  The hummer stayed a long time and flitted up into the trees and around the patio.  The bird came again to feed on Monday morning but has not been seen since so I guess it has gone South for the Winter.  It was a beautiful rare sight to behold and a much needed sight here in Charlottesville VA at this time!  Enjoy!

  • Midlothian:  7/29/15 – Leucistic hummingbird reported (with photograph) by Sandy Giallombardo.
  • Stuart:  Pat Stridsberg reported a white hummingbird in a rural part of Stuart, Virginia (about an hour drive north from Roanoke VA).  She also submitted a photo (please refer to below).  She states: “[O]n July 16 [2015], this white hummingbird started coming to our feeder. It has pink feet and bill, but black eyes so not a true albino. It’s a good size so I think it is not an adolescent.”
  • Bensley:  Kent Newton started seeing this Leucistic Hummingbird July 10th, 2014 in North Chesterfield on Strathmore Road in the Bensley area. He named the hummingbird Flicker based on the way the light flickers on its wings.
  • Richmond: White hummingbird (albino) reported by Jennifer Langford (8/2014)
  • Virginia, Danville – Albino Ruby-throated Hummingbird (8/2003)
  • Virginia, Urbanna – Leucistic Ruby-throated Hummingbird (8/2001)
  • Virginia, Ringgold – Albino Ruby-throated Hummingbird (8/2002)



  • Startup, Washington: Kevin e-mailed us several amazing photos of a very detailed pied hummingbird visiting his backyard. Sighted November 24, 2019. Below are the photos:

  • Marysville, WA:  Melissa Givler reported a sighting of a white humming bird (with photo) on 6/12/2017.

  • Asotin, WA:  Tom and Vicki Petty photographed a partial-white hummingbird on or around 7/19/2015.  

  • Camano Island, WA:  Kathy Phillipy photograpedh a Leucistic Hummingbird on 6/5/2015.Seattle, WA (Red Salvia Plant):  Gail Travers reported a Leucistic Hummingbird sighting on June 16, 2014.

  • Hansville, WA (Olympic Penninsula) – Sightings reported by Carol Scott – Leucistic hummingbird photographed on May 28 and 29th (visiting local bird feeder). 
  • Lake Forest Park, WA – A leucistic hummingbird was reported by Stephanie Cutler on August 11, 2013

West Virginia

  • West Virginia, LeSage (7/8/2015):  Stephany Brumfield sent in a video of a white hummingbird.  
  • Buckhannon (8/15/2014):  Partial white hummingbird sighting reported, and image uploaded by Theresa Nicholas –  Photo
  • Fosterville (10/2009):  Albino Hummingbird reported


  • Wisconsin, Kenosha (June 2015):  Norm Werth reporte a leucistic hummingbird feeding on honeysuckle plants. He described it as “light dove-grey” … 
  • Wisconsin, Eagle (Sept. 2013): Leucistic Hummingbird – believed to be a female and probably a Ruby-throated Hummingbird, even though described to be larger than the other hummingbirds at the feeder. Information and photo submitted by Danielle ([email protected])

Please also refer to Featured Bird Photos

  • Wisconsin, Madison – Albino Hummingbird (8/2009)


  • Canada,  approx. 12 km east of Onoway, Alberta, Canada (August 2015).  Shelly Wiebe reported a Leucistic hummingbird as follows:  “The bird had dark eyes and a dark bill. He/she also had some darker markings on the wings and wing tips.  I am assuming it was a Ruby-throat as I […]  have only had Rubies visit  … The Leucistic bird had no problem establishing dominance at the feeder and it appeared a little larger than the others … [I]t really stood its ground with the aggressive female … It really wasn’t bothered by the other birds, and they seemed to back off and leave it alone when it was feeding.”    Sightings:  August 7, 2015, August 15/10 &11.
  • London, Ontario, Langton near Port Rowan – Leucistic Ruby-throated Hummingbird (?) (9/2009) – Description: Yellow legs, red eyes, a little color on the throat


  • Jamaica, Leucistic photographed in 2012 by Ingimar Ragnarsson; mostly white, short tail with darker undertail feathers, black bill and eyes. The bill appears to be shorter and straighter than that of the Ruby-throated Hummingbird . Could be a Vervain (most likely) or Jamaican Mango

(Did you see one? If so, please e-mail information (date, location, etc. and photos. THANK YOU!)

Avianweb Note: The left is likely an adult female and the right an immature bird (unknown gender) that still needs to build muscles. In an adult, this poor development of muscles could be a sign of poor health ….

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