Sightings of Albino Hummingbird or Leucistic Hummingbirds in Missouri

Albino Hummingbird sightings in Missouri recorded in reverse chronological order:

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  • Missouri, Perryville, Mo: AquaGator senzee <[email protected]> forwarded his friend’s (John Kuehn) photos to us with the following information: “I pulled this from my friend’s Facebook post from a local news report. KFVS-TV facebook post on rare albino hummingbird spotted in Perryville, Mo. on Friday. Photo credit: John Kuehn” … August 2020
Albino Hummingbird photographed in Perry County, August 2020
  • Missouri, Daviess County. Jennifer Simons took wonderful photos of a leucistic (partial white) hummingbird that visited her mother’s (Cheryl Huffman) feeder in Northwest Missouri on September 14th and 15th, 2019. (published above and below)
  • Missouri, Lawson:  Cindy Burk reported a white hummingbird visiting her front yard.  She reports:  “First sighted July 26, 2018, in Lawson, Missouri.  It has been with us every day since then.  Still seeing daily.”
  • Saint James, Missouri.  White hummingbird reported, and photographed, on July 26th 2015. Photo submitted by Kylie Houser
  • Lee’s Summit, in Raintree Lake subdivision – 8/13/14, 10:55 AM – a  leucistic hummingbird was reported by Pam Treu (pamtreu at gmail dot com) 
  • Hannibal, MO … Leucistic Hummingbird photographed by Kenny Dudgeon ([email protected]) in August 2013.
  • Kansas City – female albino hummingbird sighed by Nancy Morrison in Lake Waukomis area (8/2012)
  • Reynolds County – Leucistic Hummingbird, Centerville (May 27, 2012) – Relevant Photos
  • Sullivan – Leucistic Hummingbird (9/2009)
  • Winfield – Leucistic Ruby-throated Hummingbird (8/2001)
  • Hermann – Leucistic Ruby-throated Hummingbird Hummingbird(8/1998)

Did you see one of these rare hummingbirds? If so, please e-mail relevant information (such as date, location, etc.) and photos – if available (including the photographer’s name. THANK YOU!)


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