White-collared Kites


The White-collared Kites Leptodon forbesi is a South American raptor. It breeds in north eastern Brazil.

This species is classified as Critically Endangered. There have been very few sightings if it, and nothing is known of its feeding or breeding ecology.

The areas in which it has been sighted, in coastal Alagoas and Pernambuco, has been subject to massive deforestation.

The current population is estimated at less than 50 individuals.

Distribution Map for White-collared Kite


The White-collared Kites is 50cm in length.

The adult has a grey head with white hindneck, black upperparts, white underparts, and a grey tail with a very broad, black subterminal band and whitish tip.

It is very similar to the more southerly distributed Grey-headed Kite.

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