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White-billed Crow

The White-billed Crows (Corvus woodfordi) occur naturally in the central part of the Solomon Islands – specifically on the islands of Choiseul, Isabel, and Guadalcanal.

They are usually found in small family groups, foraging on trees insects, and fruits.


This short and stocky bird measures 40 – 41 cm in length, including its short squared-off tail.

The White-billed Crows have a large head with a deep and curved pale ivory-colored bill with a darker tip.

The plumage is glossy black with a purple gloss and a greenish-purple gloss on the head.

The eyes are light grey or white in the adults.

The feet and legs are black.

Vocalizations / Calls

The voice is like that of the Torresian Crow except higher in pitch and a faster“ao-ao-ao” call.

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