White-billed Crow

The White-billed Crows (Corvus woodfordi) occur naturally in the central part of the Solomon Islands – specifically on the islands of Choiseul, Isabel and Guadalcanal.

They are usually found in small family groups, foraging on trees on insects and fruits.


This short and stocky bird measures 40 – 41 cm in length, including its short squared off tail.

The White-billed Crow has alarge head with a deep and curved pale ivory colored bill with a darker tip.

The plumage is glossy black with a purple gloss and a greenish-purple gloss to the head.

The eyes are light grey or white in the adults.

The feet and legs are black.

Vocalizations / Calls

The voice is like that of the Torresian Crow except higher in pitch and a faster“ao-ao-ao” call.

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